Top 10 Digital Painting Software For PC

Digital painting is an emerging kind that uses a computer, graphical tablet, pen, and software, to apply conventional painting techniques, such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc., with a digital tool. In contrast to a more contemporary technique like digital, traditional painting consists of tangible material. That is why we shortlist the top 10 digital painting software for PC available for both beginners as well as professionals.

To produce digital painting straight from the computer, the artist employs techniques for painting. Each form of digital paint also has specific characteristics that reflect the true impacts of the word aquarelle on a digital ‘aquarel’ painting. Users may build their own brush style using a mix of texture and form in most digital painting tools.

As regards the pricing, some of our selections are totally free, some of them have to be paid once and others have to be continuing. You can get the greatest digital art software for you on Mac, Windows, iPad, or even Linux.

Therefore, check out our shortlisted top 10 digital painting software for PC that will help you to create professional artwork.

10 Best Digital Art Software For PC

Clip Studio Paint

Platforms: Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook

Clip Studio Paint soon becomes the perfect instrument for manga art and comics. If you search for a natural and traditional feeling embedded in digital software for painting and sketching, this is it. For natural and realistically pen strokes, Clip Studio Paint employs sophisticated pen pressure sensing.

This utility is available in both PRO and EX editions – the latter has more sophisticated capabilities and is much more costly. Either you can try for 30 days for free to see if you do. Check the finest tutorials for Clip Studio Paint to begin by using Clip Studio Paint Discount 2021


Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS | Cost: $20.99/£19.97 per/month

Photoshop was for a long time the undisputed monarch of digital art, but the emergence of competitors has gradually challenged his rule. However, Photoshop remains an extremely strong program, with its capacity to develop further in subsequent versions. To this add the supplementary iOS app, which is just more powerful and much more attractive for the picture editor.

Due to its component of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, you are free to share your data with all your devices and have access to all your assets, including pictures, brushes, colors, and styles. There is also an excellent array of Photoshop plugins to provide more features.

Affinity Photo

Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS

We all know Photoshop isn’t cheap, but there’s never been a good budget substitute until just lately; something like Photoshop could be done without a huge dent. Then came Affinity’s picture. It doesn’t really go as high as Photoshop in terms of functionality, especially in things like the contents-aware fill in Photoshop, but once you feel it, you discover it can gladly handle most digital artwork.

Affinity Photo is fully PSD file compatible, it can handle more than 100-megapixel photos and it contains almost all the effects, filters, and brushes you would probably need. At a full price, it will cost you almost the same as the monthly membership to CC All Apps (and right now you can get it for half price).

Corel Painter

Platform: Windows, Mac

The most recent version of Corel Painter offers many new upgrades and improvements, especially for users of Apple. The present is support from Sidecar on macOS Catalina, which allows you to reflect your Mac display on your iPad and paint with your Apple Pencil, while the touch bar and the multi-touch trackpad support MacBook Pro users are there.

Other new elements include AI-based creative styles with 12 artistic styles, a thick paint process for superb oil appearances, clone tinting and better layer management, and loads of performance improvement.

Painter is appropriate for a number of styles, and procedures for making art, fine art, manga, concept art, and illustration are offered. Over 900 brushes are also available and a lot of customization possibilities are available.


Platforms: iPad (iOS 11.1+) Natural drawing experience

It’s not software for digital art as we know it. But this is such a beautiful instrument This software packages most of your desktop tools, including accurate tools for color-pickers, text tools, the ability to work with hundreds of layers, and typical industrial tools, such as masks, blend modes, and groups. And the next 5.2 Procreate has complete support for the M1 powered iPad Pro and offers 3D models and preview of your work in AR as well as more accessible audio and UI feedback.

Artweaver 7

Platform: Windows

Incorporating your main piece, Artweaver will have you build in no time a huge assortment of preset brushes. You may either utilize the pins to suit your needs or customize them and save them. It is also quite easy to customize its easy-to-use interface, but it’s very beautiful out of the box.

Artweaver 7 is a complete instrument of digital art in two different flavors: Artwork Free and Artwork Plus.

ArtRage 6

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Among digital artists and illustrators, Art Rage has long been a favorite. It gives a realistic degree of classic color and texture, which is not only unbelievable but also fascinating to play with.

Although ArtRage focuses largely on natural media and painting, it is adaptable enough to make it beneficial to digital artists that utilize Photoshop. You may accomplish anything you could anticipate from a digital painting tool with the help of ArtRage 6.


Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux | Cost: Free

Although it has been publically available since 2004, Krita looks to be one of the most underestimated open-source and free painting applications on the market. Krita offers a simple and callable interface to maximize your workflow by setting the dockers and panels.

The tool includes over 100 professionally manufactured preloaded brushing engines and 9 unique brush motors including Color Smudge, Shape, and Particle motors. You may also import or develop and distribute your own brushes and texture packs. You may add a brush stabilizer as an extra bonus to help you obtain straight lines.


For both novice painters and expert artists, Adobe Fresco is. It’s a basic and easy interface; there are all important tools for illustrators to use. The Adobe Fresco interface may be readily adapted and the toolbar can be placed on the left or the right of your workspace.

The brush collection of Adobe Fresco is amazing. Thousands of clever pixels are available for your diverse requirements, life, and vector pins: drawings, sketching, animation, aquarelle paints, photo collages, and more. By adding brushes and brushes from the famous brushmaker Kyle T. Webster you may even add to your preferred collection.

Documents from Adobe Fresco are synchronized to your Creative Cloud. With Photoshop you can work effortlessly. You may also convert your papers as PDFs to Illustrator that preserves your artwork layers.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular, dependable, and functional applications designing vector graphics, drawings, and artworks. Multiple tools for high-quality design tasks may be accessed through the software. You may create impressive designs from your ideas with brushes, special effects, layers, filters, color processing, gradient effects, and drawing tools.

More queries related to Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop and Corel Painter best prices can be taken through in detail.

Conclusion: Top 10 Digital Painting Software

The art of production generally flourishes. It’s utilized frequently for cinema, TV, and video games in conceptual design. Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, ArtRage, GIMP, Krita, and Canvas are digital painting software, which provides artists an environment comparable to a paying painter: linen, paint tools, palettes, and many colors choices.

Digital painting is of numerous kinds, including impressionism, realism, and aquarelle. Digital painting has both advantages and disadvantages. While digital painting makes it easier for the artist to work in an orderly, mess-free environment, many believe that an artist with a real brush in his hand will always have more control.

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